Phenomenal Disinfectant Aerosol Spray




Introducing ✮Quest Specialty Phenomenal Hospital Disinfectant✮

Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes at the same time!

This one-step, spray-and-go formula ensures all the rooms and equipment are free of germs and safe for patients. It simplifies the sanitizing tasks in hospitals, veterinary and food-prep areas and even for bathrooms and kitchens.

What’s more special about Quest Specialty Ready-To-Use Cleaner Disinfectant?

✔ Ensures all the surfaces and devices are free of harmful microorganisms.

✔ Effective against drug-resistant organisms such as MRSA, HIV, Streptococcus and bird flu causing viruses.

✔ Features a citrus aroma which is not overpowering.

✔ Offers 2x wider coverage.

✔ Applicable for most materials such as ceramic, fiberglass, metal, plastic and etc.

✔ Can be used for general housekeeping purposes.

We are sure that you can never be too safe with any other poor quality disinfectants out there than with this phenomenal hospital disinfectant, when it comes to germs.

Included: One 16oz Can

Condition: New

Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 9.5 in


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